Are You Missing Your Beauty by Concentrating Only on Your Thorns?

Are you missing your beauty by concentrating only on your thorns?

When I refer to thorns, I am referring to characteristics in our personality which may trouble our mind or keep others at a distance. They were probably created in childhood from conditioning or trauma. We may have created these “thorns” to protect ourselves like the thistle in the wild protects itself from being devoured by animals.

Remember that a thistle is not just a stem covered in thorns. Thistles produce beautiful flowers to attract pollinators. Without pollinators, the thistle can’t continue its life cycle. So where are your flowers, strengths, uniqueness you bring to the community?

I am not suggesting that we don’t protect ourselves or take a look at our “thorns” which may need to be seen, felt, nurtured, and healed. What I am suggesting, is that if all our time and energy is spent noticing our imperfections, we will be missing the joy of basking in and sharing our beauty with others. We all have many flowers, as well as thorns.

Take time each day to bask in your beauty and share it with others. Don’t worry there will be plenty of time to see, feel, nurture, and heal some of those thorns, which is also important.

I think you will notice that as you  begin to notice the beauty in yourself, you will also be amazed at the beauty you will begin to see in others.

“Ant” Dee