Diversity adds Color and Interest to Our World

Diversity in nature adds color and interest.

We are part of nature.

Embrace the beauty of our diversity.

Look around.

Nature provides us with a variety of birds, butterflies, trees, flowers, and people.

Think how colorful our world is because our Earth is so diverse.

Think how interesting our world is due to this same diversity.

As humans, our diversity extends further than color, shape, size, texture, and design.

Consider what each human being brings to our world.

Music, art, writing, engineering, food producers, home builders, dancers, medical experts, spiritual guides, mothers, fathers, friends, lawyers, firefighters, dancers, and the list goes on and on.

The diversity of our talents, skills, education, and interest is why our needs and desires can be fulfilled.

Our diversity makes our communities successful, interesting, and complete.

Appreciate everyone in your community and what they bring to your life.

Each day try to recognize the value of each person in your community.

When we honor, nurture, and protect everyone in our communities, we will have a happier, safer, and more fulfilled life.

“Ant” Dee