Are Snakes Bad?

The number one priority of all life is survival.

Were you taught that snakes were bad and/or dangerous?

So is it true?

Are all snakes bad? Most snakes are harmless to humans. In fact, snakes are actually beneficial, helpful, for humans. They eat rodents that can transport disease. Snakes help keep our Earth’s life cycles in balance.

But are some snakes bad? All snakes are just part of nature and are trying to survive. They all keep the rodent population down.

However, your question is probably, are some snakes dangerous? Absolutely! Some snakes are poisonous and can transfer venom into you and cause a lot of pain and sometimes death.

Some snakes are also able to wrap their bodies around prey and suffocate it. If it is large enough, it could do the same to a human.

The best thing to do with all snakes is to leave them alone and let them live peacefully in their environment. They are fascinating creatures so you may want to carefully observe them.

Sometime snakes may need to be removed from an area if they have the potential to cause harm to others, like pets or children, who may not recognize the danger.

Don’t ever try to remove it yourself. You should tell an adult and they can call animal control in your area to remove a poisonous snake. Unless you have studied snakes you may not know if it is poisonous, however most snakes will bite you if they feel threatened. Even if they aren’t poisonous, the bite will hurt.

Will all snakes try to defend their life if they are trapped? Probably, wouldn’t you? All living things want to live and have a strong instinct for survival. If a snake feels threatened, it will do what it needs to do to survive.

That is why it is best to leave snakes alone. Most people who are bitten probably stepped on the snake, picked it up, or cornered it?

Were you taught that all snakes were bad and dangerous? Sometimes parents or others tell us these things to protect us when we are young. We need that protection when we can’t distinguish between our own safety and danger.

Sometimes, we need to question the things we believe. How can I do this? First, get more information from a trusted source. If it is a science question, find a scientist or science website. If it is how to draw or paint, ask an artist. Once we get new information, we may need to change our old beliefs into a more educated way of thinking.

As we mature, get older, we find that many things we thought were true are not true.

When we want to learn something new, or have a question about something we believe, get more information. Learn from the experts and be open to new thinking.