Freedom and Rights


It is great to have rights to express our freedoms. I love having the freedom to say what I think without someone taking me to jail. I love my freedom to practice my beliefs or religion without someone arresting me. I love my freedom to go from place to place without someone stopping me. We have many freedoms in the U.S.

But what is my responsibility when my right or freedom could cause harm to someone else? If I smoke around other people am I taking away their right to breathe in healthy air? Am I harming them? Is so, should I have a right to harm them? If I choose not to follow traffic rules, am I endangering others on the road? Should I have a right to break traffic rules for my own sense of freedom?

Lately, experts, medical scientists, have told us that there is a dangerous virus in our country and that to protect others, we should wear a mask Is it right for me to refuse to wear a mask? Is my freedom worth endangering others? What do you think?