“Let Your Light Shine Through”

Dear Ones,

     Take time to read “Let Your Light Shine Through” online.

Consider the different ways that people let their light shine through by using their gifts.

Think about your own gifts as you read.

Once you have determined what gifts you have, begin to let those gifts develop/grow.

You can do this by reading more about the subject, asking trusted adults how you can develop your skills and gifts, or practice, practice, practice.

You may not be sure yet what those gifts or skills are yet. No problem!

Keep exploring by trying new things, or reading about new things. Don’t stress out if you are not sure yet.

Just begin to find things you love to do, or find what you are good at doing. Don’t expect to be famous.

You don’t need to be famous to find joy, purpose, and your place in this lifetime. All you need to do is “Be YOU”!

“Ant” Dee