About Me

“Ant” Dee is Dee Curry M.Ed. She is currently a children’s book author and child advocate. She has supervised, taught, and learned from children 2 ½ years old to 10 years old for many years.  Her joy of writing, coupled with her desire to support the success of children, led her on a journey to write a series of books to empower children. The books she creates combine reading skills and messages of empowerment. Her schooling includes a B.S Degree in Education from Western Oregon University and a M.S Degree at Jones International University. Another passion of Dee’s is nature. She chooses to spend time each day enjoying the beauty of nature, as well as feeding natures delightful creatures. She is concerned with all the challenges that we have to support life for the billions of people on this planet. Due to her concern, part of the series is devoted to helping children appreciate and consider their role in caring for their habitat. She has 3 distinct and simple messages in her books. 1) Be your true self; we need you 2) Appreciate and honor others 3) Care for Earth; it is your life source.