The Empowerment Series

 “The Empowerment Series” 


Mission Statement: To create empowering messages for children.

How? By creating a series of children’s books entitled “The Empowerment Series. The messages in this book series concentrate on children living empowered lives by being their authentic self, respecting and honoring others, and caring for their habitat, Earth. The messages are simple:

  • Be your true self, we need YOU!
  • Recognize and honor the importance of others.
  • Take care of your habitat, Earth; it sustains your life.

Why? In the business of our time, some of the most important messages our children need to hear have gotten lost or forgotten in the urgency of the moment. I want to support families and children by providing opportunities of reflection into some of these messages. Although many children have both guidance and opportunities to hear empowering messages from their families or friends, my hope is to reach those children who don’t. I also want to support families by giving them an avenue to approach these messages with their child.

In order for us all to live peaceful and happy lives, it seems imperative that every human being lives an authentic life, which not only supports the individual, but also supports both our local and global communities and sustains life on our planet.

Background: Being the child of a mother who lived in an orphanage from ages two and ½ years old through thirteen-years old, I have some understanding about the lack of support many children receive. My mother had little emotional support in the orphanage, although she was grateful that she had a stable physical environment, which provided her shelter, food, and safety. Even after my mother left the orphanage, she was passed around between adult siblings, feeling lost, unwanted, and unsupported. *

As an educator, I found that even children who had supportive families, many times still fell into the trap of idolizing others and trying to mimic others, instead of finding their own unique place in the world. I want every child to be able to recognize his or her own uniqueness, worth, and beauty, as well as, respecting and honoring others and caring for our habitat, Earth. This is why I started my journey into writing, “The Empowerment Series.”

Thought about empowerment: To be empowered one must learn how to walk as a unique human being, recognize and respect others worth, and not only understand how the health of Earth, our habitat, impacts all life, but take action to care for its health.

Blessings, “Ant” Dee

*If you are interested, the tab on my website entitled, “The China Doll”, is based on a true story about when my mother lived in the orphanage.