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Are You Missing Your Beauty by Concentrating Only on Your Thorns?

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Are you missing your beauty by concentrating only on your thorns? When I refer to thorns, I am referring to characteristics in our personality which may trouble our mind or keep others at a distance. They were probably created in childhood from conditioning or trauma. We may have created these “thorns” to protect ourselves like the thistle in the wild protects itself from being devoured by animals. Remember that a thistle is not just a stem covered in thorns. Thistles produce beautiful flowers to attract pollinators. Without...

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Teachers and Parents

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Teachers or Parents I have 4 books that your children can read free online. The topics are: Be Your Best Self, Honor Others, and Care for the Earth. I am a retired teacher with a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. The books and lesson plans were created to enhance vocabulary, reading skills, and writing skills. Each book has a set of lesson plans. The lesson plans can be tweaked so that the participation can be with a parent or siblings. I hope you find this a useful resource while the schools are closed. When the children return,...

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“The Beauty of Being Your True Self!”

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Dear Ones, Read “The Beauty of Being Your True Self” online. This book was written as a reflection piece. Read it slow and think about each page. Think about how the world would be changed if everyone and everything chose to be something other than their true self. Think about what would be missing in the world. You are part of that world. There is no one like you. Be the absolute “best YOU” possible and Forget about mimicking others.. Blessings on your journey called “Life”. “Ant”...

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“Caring for Mother Earth”

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Dear Ones, Read “Caring for Mother Earth” online. As you read, consider/reflect on all the precious gifts we are given from our habitat, Earth. Consider/reflect on how it provides all of our needs for this lifetime. Consider/reflect on your responsibility to future generations in keeping it healthy, so others will have their needs met. Do whatever you can to keep her, “Mother Earth”, healthy for not only your enjoyment; but for others now and in the future. As you are blessed with healthy air, food, water, and shelter,...

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“Nature’s Diversity”

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Dear Ones, Read “Nature’s Diversity” online. To begin appreciating Earth’s diversity, get outside and explore. Make sure the exploring you do is SAFE and you are with a trusted adult. You may choose your own backyard, a park, or a hiking trail. Take time to “observe”, examine closely, the environment; trees, flowers, animals. Take a closer look at life. A whole world is going on right before your eyes. But are you noticing? Take some time to Stop, Look/Observe. Give yourself time each day to be surprised by...

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“Let Your Light Shine Through”

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Dear Ones,      Take time to read “Let Your Light Shine Through” online. Consider the different ways that people let their light shine through by using their gifts. Think about your own gifts as you read. Once you have determined what gifts you have, begin to let those gifts develop/grow. You can do this by reading more about the subject, asking trusted adults how you can develop your skills and gifts, or practice, practice, practice. You may not be sure yet what those gifts or skills are yet. No problem! Keep exploring by trying...

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Birds, Birds, Birds

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Dear Ones, A fun way to interact with nature is “Birding”/bird watching. You can get a free birding app with Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The app will allow you to identify birds, and help researchers and conservationists protect and study the habits of birds worldwide. You can be a part of this important work, and at the same time learn about the birds in your area. You might even site rare or migrating birds. Check out this amazing website with accurate and free learning! Link below! You might want to create an area at your home...

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